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 Combat Rules

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PostSubject: Combat Rules   Combat Rules Icon_minitimeFri Oct 14, 2011 9:34 pm

General Combat
1. All actions must be detailed, and logical. Phrases like "I came and stabbed him" or "i dodged" will not work and will require you to edit your post.
2. You can only control your own character, and not the actions of other characters.
3. You can not do a 100 attacks per post, be realistic.
4. There is a 48 hour rule, you have 48 hours to post, if you have not posted within that time limit the next poster can control small actions including calling hits on you.
5. If you have recently purchased, an new ability or weapon and you have already started a topic you can not bring that weapon into the topic.

Escaping from combat
There are incidents in which a person may want to leave a topic and they are free to do so. As long as another player does not stop them. Once a person has left a topic and joined another one there is a 4 hour period in which someone may join that past topic and stop them. If noeone does so within that time that person is allowed to continue uninterrupted. Although if someone does post any post after will be voided and the person will remain in the topic. If combat has already begun the opposite party has 24 hours to post and stop the first party from leaving. You are not allowed to, leave on any post that also includes an attack.

Hidden/Vague Attacks
1. Staff members will examine the attack inside and out if they can not see it then the attack will be voided. So, if you use such an attack, try making it properly explained for others to follow
2. The attack can be very damaging, but they are not able to finish off the target.
3. The best way to rp is through detailed discription. This is very hard to do with hidden attacks. If you try to forge your attacks details then the attack will be voided.

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Combat Rules
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