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 Mother son

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PostSubject: Mother son   Mother son Icon_minitimeFri Dec 05, 2014 2:52 am

Alex paced up and down the halls of his room, his eyes looked through his room. His eyes looked at every spot on the floor, making sure any of the bad ones were mostly covered up. He then turned to his bed straightening it for the hundredth time, evening his sheets pulling them one way then the other. To him it felt odd, he was more nervous now then he had been on any of his dates. After turning around for the hundredth time he looked into his closet full length mirror. He adjusted his hair, smoothed out the wrinkles in his shirt, all of the ones he made by bending over his bed. Finally he would complete his routine by looking at his watch then looking out the window and sighing.
                Alex fought hard against himself to go about his routine again. He honestly didn’t know why he was so nervous, 8 moths really wasn’t that long of a time yet it felt like a life time. There wasn’t a person in the world he wanted to see more. He was almost positive that none of what he had done in the last few hours mattered at all, yet to him somehow it did. He thought to himself again  if there could be anything he was forgetting, just as he was about to check his phone he heard a knock on his door. He jumped up as he opened the door.
                Alex’s heart pounded as he opened the door, his eyes falling upon a beautiful woman standing behind it. He moved quickly as he wrapped his arms around her hugging her tightly. “Mom I can’t believe you’re here it feels like it’s been forever. Ive missed you so much, it’s hard to imagine how long its been since we even talked last. I swear it feels like I’ve been without my best friend for this entire semester.
                Stacey moved as she held him tight kissing him on the cheek over and over again as he lifted her off the ground. It felt weird for to have missed her son so much that being in his arms felt so releaving. She knew that they never had a normal relationship, she knew she was never the best mom, that to many times she was his friend not his mother, but he was the only man in his life in such a long time. Then she had to watch as her man of the house left for college, her little boy that used to say that all he wanted to do was marry her when he grew up, her best friend. All he life everyone had always told her looking young would be great when she was older. A child and a divorce she still has been confused as her son’s girlfriend more than once.

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Mother son
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