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 ____The Fall____

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The world soared into a new era as i aproched the year 2500. Technology continues to advance beyond the dreams of the last generation, each generation crashing over the last. Earth's population grew to over 15 billion people. It almost seemed like every science fiction movie was come true. Androids, cyborgs, and even float ships became common sight. Space travel even seemed like an event of the past, as traveling to other worlds became easier and easier. More and more space expeditions were being planned as small colonies began to scatter further and further away from Earth.

Along with the technology came war, and a never ending thirst for greater weapons. War struck throughout the entire world as cities became nothing more then rubble and charred corpses. The once great cities became nothing more then rubble. It was then a large group of people decided to avoid the war by avoiding the planet. They set for earth's closest land mass the moon. The colony set up base, but within a few months silence came from the small colony as it was estimated they had all died. Without explanation the countries involved blamed each other creating greater conflicts. Ultimate distruction seemed to be the only answer for peace. With one final attempt at safety a small group of people to flee to Mars and colonize it. Mars seemed to be perfect, showing signs of water and former life. Unknown to the inhabators was there was a virus that still lingered called Bacillas. The virus has many affects to human one of them being the depleation of red blood cells. Causing them to take in the blood of other humans. Through the act of blood they managed to live longer, with a few extra consequences. These virus filled humans took on many of the traits of vampires. Their bodies formed to the disease, as they evolved in their own ways. They managed to thrive on the moon.

Back on Earth war continued flourish. For the first time Earth's population decreased at extreme levels. The technology that offered so much promise decimated the earth in greater and greater ways. Soon Armageddon hit, as Earth's population dwindled to just a few thousand. The few remaining colonies clung to church as war finally stopped. Through the Catholic Church rebuilding began, and decimation stopped as they began to sort through the rubble of the cities they once called home for anything that could help them. Soon resources grew low on Mars as they headed back to Earth to help rebuild. The population finally started to climb, as tensions between the two races grew thick. The humans thought the vampires, as unnatural demonic being, as the humans were just a cheaper food source. Soon war began again, as the church and the vampires faced off against each other. 900 years of war, left both races in high poverty and week. Finally a cease fire was called between the two races, a whiff of peace finally could be felt. Although hundreds of years of war has left, a bad taste in the mouth for the other race. Who knows how long this, cease fire can hold.

As both sides stockpiled all the lost technologies, the Vatican decided to scavenge the moon for supplies. Upon arrival they found the reackage of the previous visit. There wasn't a single soul to be found. Although they did find two vials of an unknown substance. They salvaged what they could of the wreckage and returned back to earth. They secretly worked underground testing the two vials. They were both viruses similar to Bacillas in nature but created far different symptoms. The virus focused on the animalistic side of the human nature. The subjects strength and speed rivaled that of the Mathusalah, although virus seemed to weaken the mental state of the host. The subjects also seemed to be affected by cycles of the moon. The Vatican planned to harness the cyrum to help destroy their enemies. Although they did not know the oppression that the subjects were feeling, or just how strong the moon could be to them. It wasn't until the night of solar eclipse that the moons affect was strong enough for them to change. The subjects turned into terrible beast that ravaged the underground city, killing anything that wasn't them. They then fled the facility, taking refuge in the woods. These new creatures could help break the balance of the war, or even help hold the peace against this new creature.

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____The Fall____
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