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 Alex in underland

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PostSubject: Alex in underland   Alex in underland Icon_minitimeFri May 09, 2014 8:01 pm

Alex’s eyes lit up as they gazed over every color, each one more beautiful then the last. He smiled from ear to ear, his eyes almost watering from his own thoughts. His head held high with pride as he snickered to himself about the day. After only another moment of patting himself on the back he finally reached in and pulled out a beautiful bouquet of flours. Every petal shined with radient color, far more uncommon then your average flower gift. Every color had been thought out to not only match his other gifts, but to flatter a certain girl’s favorites.  His hands carried the bouquet with pride as he walked, to the checkout. He was so excited for the following day he hardly even noticed the cashiers looks, or her natural beauty. No today was gona be a day he could proudfully say he was the perfect boyfriend. Without even a second look paid, and took his bags to the car. 
Alex couldn’t but to think about his beloved girlfriends face when he gave her all these things. They had been dating for almost three years, and their anniversary was coming up, but due to poor scheduling the two seemed destined to spend the day apart in separate cities. It was only a miracle that Alex was able leave his trip early enough to drive all night just so he could be with his beloved girlfriend on their sacred day. Even after six long years he was still in love and excited to see her. Six long years of, drama, fights, breakups, rekindling’s, and worst of all abstinence. Alex was sure that his relationship could handle anything and there no doubt he was with the girl he was going to marry someday. He knew that she was worth waiting, for no matter how long it took. Although even the most noble parts of him couldn’t help him from wanting her oh so badly.
Alex snickered to himself again as he went over the plans for the night. He was going to finish setting up the spot where they had  first date, then swing by her place to pick her up and giver her the night of her life. Although it seemed farfetched he was really hoping that maybe tonight would be the night they could go all the way. His mind could hardly stay on the road as he imagined all the places this night might take him. In only moments he was only a block or two away when he saw his girlfriend’s car parked at a party. Alex quickly pulled in confused why someone like her would be there. He rushed into the building weaving between drunken teenagers; every drunk girl he passed put more fear into the pit of his stomach. He finally thought he heard her voice as he rushed pushing a door open. His eyes looked in horror as he watched two guys run a train on his beloved girlfriend. He didn’t know if it hurt more that she would cheat on him after all this time, or that she would never have sex with him. “What the fuck” is all he could say as he turned rushing out of the house. He had ever been so hurt in his entire life.  We walked down the street fuming thinking of what he should have said to her, how much time he wasted on her. His fist clenched as he grinned his teeth so ready to punch the first thing he saw. Just as he was about to punch a sign, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. A beautiful blonde with endless curves, in a tight playboy bunny suit, ran in eight inch heels.  
Alex blinked a couple of times trying to see if what he saw was real, hardly able to believe. He watched as her perky little ass bounced as she ran in her heels. Her long beautiful legs carried her quickly into the woods. Mesmerized Alex quickly followed right behind her, chasing her into the woods. His eyes couldn’t keep off her perfect little ass. His cock ached as he chased her, not once thinking about his now ex-girlfriend. It was finally then the little white bunny looked back at him then disappeared behind two trees. Alex called out before following after her only to find a whole falling in. His body bounced as he rubbed his head trying to figure out what happened. His face softly rubbed against something smooth, as he felt something stir underneath him. It was only a moment until he felt the zipper fall down and a hand run his leg. He was rolled over as she slid his pants down, as his eager cock sprung free.  In the darkness he could only see the shadow of her beautiful face, and her puckered lips. Without a second of hesitation the woman moved her tongue wrapping around his cock, the glimmer of her eyes never leaving his.  Her tongue traced from the base as it made its way to the head before slowly circling down. Her tongue alone was by far the best thing he had ever felt, but the look she gave as she did it, already pushed him to his limit in only a few seconds. Just before he thought he was going to blow, she moved taking in his entire cock until her nose ever so lightly. Her lips tightened as she pulled to just the head of the cock before plunging back down. Alex moaned as his hand grabbed her hair. She giggled sucking as she bobbed up and down her hair falling down over him. Her tongue never stopping its assault on his sensitive head. He breathed deeply his eyes transfixed on hers. It was only seconds before Alex moved grabbing onto her hair pulling her deep onto his cock as he came shooting pump after pump of his cum down her throught. She pulled of slowly when he relaxed, grinning face she spoke playfully. “You didn’t even let me taste, maybe next time goodnight, wet dreams. “

The sun blared in from every angle causing Alex to hide under his pillow holding his aching head. His mind tried to race to figure out just why was he feeling this way when he remembered that bitch Ashlee who cheated on him. He gritted his teeth at the thought of the betrayal he saw last night only to remind him of the bunny. His mind kept trying to tell him it wasn’t real it wasn’t real, but he remembered so much, the feel of her smooth skin and her tight mouth. Just thinking about it for a second caused his cock to stiffen. He slowly closed his eyes as his hand lowered down his body. He moved teasing himself for a second before taking a hard grip and slowly jacking himself off. He could imagine her so well that round perfect ass bouncing with every step, the glow of her skin, her juicy tight lips. He squirmed lightly as he bit his lip going faster and harder, just imagining fucking her tight mouth. His illusion was so real so good, he couldn’t stop himself when he heard the door knob ring. His eyes shot open as his fist pounded away until the moment finally hit pushing him over the edge just in time. He fell back just in time as his sister walked in, his last bit of pleasure making him coo as his eyes watched his sister walk in. He tried to control himself but he was too far into his lust. His hand slowed as his eyes traced the curves of her body from her silky legs, to the tight round smooth ass. His mind got carried away hardly giving a second thought to who it might be. His hand moved again slowly reinvigorated, His eyes watched up her body, until he finally realized just who it was he was staring upon.
His own younger sister walked into his room, he tried his best to cover, but there was no hiding his raging cock. His sister just simply walked in with a smile so simple and innocent, grinning more when she saw him. Her eyes peered down, but acted as if she hadn’t a care in the world. Alex relaxed taking it that she didn’t realize what he was doing, but he couldn’t help but be taken back by her mischievous smile.  Alex covered himself a little more, as he waited for his sister to tell him why she was there. She smiled a little bigger before spouting out,” Char’s here and will be coming in  any second bye.” Alex jumped up quickly racing across the room for his clothes. He could hear the sound of heels heading to his room as he quickly grabbed his boxers, and danced around the room grabbing whatever he could see. Then in a second the door swung open, as Alex eyes stared as he dropped the pants he was holding.
His best friend from almost all of his life stood in the door way, draped in a silken blue dress. The dress hugged ever small curve of her body, reignstones drawing more attention to all the right areas. Her hair perfectly curled around her shoulders, her beautiful lashes framing her amazing eyes. The shy girl he knew all his life, was standing a gorgeous woman in front of him. Her body was slim and classy, her curves small but expersive on her body . She had a rare beauty to her, so different then the girl he used to know. He could only gawk at her difference. He stared at for a second before realizing his pants were still down and his hard cock pressed against the edge of his boxers. They both just stared at eachother before Alex finally pulled up his pants, laughing non shalauntly. Alex just laughed as she walked then laying across his bed her dress pulling up almost reavealing her inner legs. Alex continued to watch mesmerized unable to say anything, not even giving a thought to why was she there dressed like that.   
After a moment Char finally leaned forward, her words breaking the science between them. Her soft voice almost seemed different along with her appearance. “So when is Alexis getting here? You know were expose to be leaveing real soon, and here I find you in your boxers just getting out of bed. Why do you keep looking at me anyways, you act like you’ve never seen me dolloed up before. She crossed her legs flipping her heels into the air smiling, her emerald eyes glowing at him.
Alex stopped finally realizing just exactly what this day was, the day after he was to get back was prom. His heart beat trying to think of why Alex wasn’t already there. Although he knew the relationship was over, the rest of the world didn’t including Alex. His good mood quickly crashed down when he realized how much the rest of his life the damn whore ruined. Somehow the prom seemed like a bigger then his realiationship. He didn’t really understand how he felt or why. So much of the previous night was a blank, he quickly reached for his phone the first message being from a mysterious WR.  The picture was of his ex-girlfriend, with two guys. He questioned the message, but simply just tossed his phone to Char. “That was last night, she is a whore.” Alex turned trying to not think about her as he reached inside his closet digging through until he found his tux. He hardly thought about what he was actually going to do, just going through the motions.

Char leaned over grabbing the phone as she stared at the image, as her face went through the emotions of confusion, to shock, to anger.  Her eyes blinked turning to Alex, then the screen, then back to Alex. Her face seemed so unsure of just what to say. Her voice cracking as she spoke, “Wow, what, I I I. mean damn I knew she was a stupid bitch. We really don’t have to go to prom, I mean Im sorry for even coming. I really cant imagine what your going through. God I cant believe I tried to be the whor’s friend.

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Alex in underland
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