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 Basic Weponry

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Usp-5 points- a small pistol with light fire power, and 12 round clip, and great acuracy

Python-10 points- a 42. cal pistol with heavy fire power and a 6 round individual round clip, average accuracy

Uzi-20points- a small smg with a high fire rate and low accuracy

Ranger-- 20 points the average double barrel shotgun, heavy fire and close to medium range

Spaz-25 points- a quick shot shotgun with heavy power, and low range

M16-20 points- a light weight assault rifle with a 3 burst shot, very accurate

Famas-25 points- a small accurate assault rifle with a 20 round clilp

Ak 47-35 points-a heavy powered strong assault rifle with low accuracy 30 round clip

M 240- 40 points- a low accuracy, low powered machine gun with a 60 round clip

W A 2000-30 points- the average run of the mill sniper, semi auto with a 6 round clip

grenade- 10 points each- a average frag grenade

kunai- 5 points- a 8inch throwing knife

machete- 10 points-a long bladed 20inch knife

sickle- 10 points- a small one handed sickle

katana- 15-a average run of the mill, reinforced titanium bladed sword

scythe-20- a long staff with a blade at the end

claw glove- 20- a tight fitting glove with three 10 inch blades

mace- 15-a standard spike balled mace

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Basic Weponry
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